Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Update---New listing on ebay

Well-this year has definitely started off cray cray.  The day job is still that way, with the hope of it settling into normalcy no where in the near future.  The health situation in the US is presenting lots of new challenges.  In my area, two of the grocery stores I frequent are experiencing empty shelves and delays in restocking.  I haven't experienced anything like this even when preparing for a hurricane here in Florida or a major snowstorm in North Carolina.  Definitely interesting times.

Even the bread was gone.
I'm healthy and well, which I'm grateful for.  I'm trying to stay positive and am continuing to work on my artwork and art projects.  I have tried to order the supplies that I might need in the near future in the event of shipping delays.  I'm also working on some other projects with the hope of making announcements on those in the coming weeks.

I have just listed a painting for sale on ebay:


Critical. New OOAK Abstract acrylic painting. Canvas panel, suitable for framing.  
Featured stylized red drips with a black background with white rays.  
18" wide x 24" tall.  Offered for sale by artist. 
 Shown at Kaleidoscope Venue for the Arts.
#mysticimagesart. #black. #red. #blood. #rays. #abstract.
 #KaleidoscopeVenuefortheArts. #acrylic
Free Shipping

ebay listing:

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