Thursday, June 25, 2020

Celestial Mushroom

I decided to step away from social media awhile to focus more on achieving my personal goals.  It has not been an easy journey and will be an ongoing battle for many days in the future.  But at least I'm starting to tackle the process--one day at a time.

Here's some photos of my Celestial Mushroom from the May Wizarding Artist Society. It started out as a regular ink pen sketch on Bristol board. Stars and moons were added with pearlescent medium. Several different types of purple watercolor were used on the cap of the mushroom. It was really hard to get colors transparent so the moon and start peeked through. I also used several types of pearlescent watercolors around the stem under the cap. It's really hard to get good photographs that capture the subtle shimmer of the watercolors. Stay tuned for a youtube flip through of the May pages.

Here's a link to my short youtube process video:

If you're interesting in learning more about The Wizarding Artist Society check out this link:

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